Environmentally Conscious Energy

Green energy offers something for everyone; it’s easier on the environment, easier on your energy bills, and even can reduce the amount you pay in taxes. Solar power and geothermal energy are among the most popular HVAC systems that people are turning to, and the prices of each have continued to drop over recent years. Like all new technologies, your choice of installer is directly related to the amount of savings you’ll receive from your new system. F. Perelli & Sons’ expert technicians are trained specially for solar and geothermal installations, letting you rest assured that your investment will pay off and be done correctly the first time.


Solar panels can be used to heat water, provide electricity, or both. The panels are often installed on unobtrusive locations of your home. Solar hot-water systems are used to preheat water, resulting in needing to use your existing domestic water heater less often and saving you money. Solar electricity systems use panels that collect and harness the 1,000 watts of energy per square meter that the sun gives off on sunny days. This energy is fed into your into your structure’s electricity system, resulting in using outside energy sources much less often, saving you money. You can even sell excess electricity back to your electric company. Other incentives for using solar power exist, such as a 30% Federal Tax credit off your tax bill. Call F. Perelli & Sons today to see what other benefits you can qualify for.


Geothermal heat pumps use the earth’s natural energy to provide heating and cooling for your home, rather than using outside air like traditional heat pumps. Installing a geothermal system instead of a standard system is the environmental equivalent of taking two cars off the road. Generally, geothermal systems are the least expensive out there. Using these systems provide a wide range of benefits, including savings, heating and cooling in one system, reliability, quieter than any other system, and it’s safer to use than gas or oil. Geothermal units also offer a tax incentive of up to 39% off your next tax bill. F. Perelli & Sons has experience with installation and can help you find out what other benefits are available to you. Our expertise in installing and maintaining green technology is unmatched in the southern Connecticut area, and our reputation of our services speaks for itself.

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